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Study Finds Physical Jobs Can Increase Testosterone and Sperm Count

Testosterone Therapy for Men West Palm Beach FLAs a testosterone therapy for men clinic in West Palm Beach, we were intrigued by this new study that indicates what you do for a living may impact your testosterone levels!

The researchers found that men who regularly lift heavy objects at work have higher sperm counts and usually higher testosterone levels than desk-bound workers.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón, a reproductive epidemiologist at Brigham’ and Women’s Hospital’s Channing Division of Network Medicine, said, “What these new findings suggest is that physical activity during work may also be associated with significant improvement in men’s reproductive potential.”

Dr. Mínguez-Alarcón also pointed out the broader implications of her study in that men with low testosterone are more prone to infertility and various other health issues, such as erectile dysfunction, obesity, and heart disease.

Men who do physical jobs are more likely to develop high levels of testosterone and more fertile.

Exercise and strength training can help boost your testosterone level.

The researchers found that men who reported often lifting or moving heavy objects at work had 46% higher sperm concentration and 44% higher total sperm count compared to those with fewer physical jobs. The men who reported more physical activity at work also had higher levels of the male sex hormone testosterone.

This all makes sense since doctors like those at our West Palm Beach area clinics who provide testosterone therapy for men have long known that rigorous exercise – particularly strength training – can help boost your testosterone levels – even in men who are already undergoing testosterone therapy.

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Physical exercise raises your testosterone level by helping you shed pounds and boost your metabolism. Also, as you build lean muscle, that increase muscle craves testosterone and further increases your metabolism because even at rest, muscle needs energy.

Strength training also can help reduce stress which minimizes the release of stress hormones, such as cortisol, that reduce testosterone and stimulate the release of endorphins which can raise testosterone. This study published in the journal Human Reproduction adds further evidence that exercise and strength training can help boost your testosterone level and perhaps improve reproductive health.

However, if you live in and around the West Palm Beach area and have been diagnosed with low testosterone, the only medically proven way to bring your levels back into the normal range is with testosterone replacement therapy for men.

How Our Doctors in West Palm Beach Provide Testosterone Therapy for Men

Men in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas deserve to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle at any age! But unfortunately, as men age, their critical hormones like testosterone levels drop, which can negatively impact their ability to enjoy life. Exercise and lifestyle changes may help you boost your testosterone level.

However, testosterone replacement therapy for men is the key to treating men in West Palm Beach for the symptoms of low testosterone. As the above study points out, testosterone therapy for men could be vital if they work a desk job or otherwise lead a sedentary lifestyle.

West Palm Beach-based Hormone Logics has successfully treated patients with age-related testosterone decline with our unique approach to testosterone replacement therapy for men for decades. Medical research has shown that testosterone replacement therapy is the safest and most effective way to treat age-related testosterone loss.

Hormone Logics‘ testosterone therapy for men living in and around West Palm Beach has proven to offer males between the ages of 35 and 65 a greatly improved quality of life. At Hormone Logics West Palm Beach, we not only provide testosterone replacement therapy for men, we also offer West Palm Beach men the following:

Where to get Testosterone Therapy for Men in West Palm Beach

Testosterone Therapy for Men West Palm Beach FLOur medical director is Mazyar Rouhani, MD. Dr. Rouhani has long been a medical innovator. He co-founded Symptify, an online symptom checker to better educate patients about their conditions.

Dr. Rouhani has recently focused on improving patients’ health using IV fluid hydration, hormone replacement therapies, and other antiaging protocols.

Using his medical expertise with his passion for optimizing each individual’s health and vitality, Dr. Rouhani combines his knowledge and expertise to provide an approach to antiaging medicine that has brought hundreds of our West Palm Beach patients life-changing results.

But don’t just take our word for it; click here to read real reviews from our actual testosterone therapy patients.

If you would like to learn a little more about the many benefits of testosterone therapy for men in West Palm Beach, please click the link to contact us for more information or call (800) 754-1481.

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