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Why Testosterone and HGH are So Important to Men’s Health

Hormone Therapy West Palm Beach FLMen all around West Palm Beach are looking and feeling younger, thanks to the many benefits of hormone therapy.

When you think of hormones and hormone imbalances, your first thought is probably of women and menopause. But men have to deal with the many problems of age-related hormone decline too.

The two most important hormones related to strength, vitality, and overall well-being in men are testosterone and human growth hormone, or HGH. However, as important as these hormones are, they both build steadily as a boy grows to manhood, and then both drop precipitously once a man gets older than 30.

Let’s take a closer look at both of these vital hormones for men, their benefits, what happens to your health when you start to lose them, and how hormone therapy can help.

Men as well as women can suffer from hormone imbalances. But these conditions can be safely and effectively treated with hormone replacement therapy for men.

Testosterone and Men’s Health

Men seeking hormone therapy in West Palm Beach need to know that testosterone is the most important male hormone or androgen. Testosterone production starts in the womb. In fact, this early release of testosterone transforms the developing fetus into a male.

From birth to adolescence, testosterone production in males continues to increase. It is responsible for all the processes that change a boy into a man, such as muscle growth, deepening voice, body hair, and sexual maturity.

Even after puberty, testosterone plays a vital role in a man’s health, impacting everything from fertility to strength and sexual health. But as crucial as testosterone is for men, unfortunately, testosterone levels drop after age 20.

By the time a man is over 35, he may likely be experiencing low testosterone symptoms and already be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Replacement for Men

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy for men in West Palm Beach, the benefits of testosterone therapy can never be understated. For men who have been diagnosed with age-related testosterone loss, testosterone replacement can:

  • Improve sex drive and sexual stamina.
  • Increase exercise capacity.
  • Improve your ability to burn fat and build muscle.
  • Improve mood.
  • Improve cognition.

Learn more here: Reignite the Spark in Your Romance With Androgen Therapy for Men!

HGH and Men’s Health

Second only to testosterone, one of the most important hormones for men is the human growth hormone or HGH. Like testosterone, HGH is vital to regulating and stimulating all processes that help a boy child develop into a healthy male adult of full stature.

And also, like testosterone, a male’s HGH level peaks soon after the teen years and then start a steady decline. This loss of HGH can cause issues in and of itself, but it also can add to or exacerbate the symptoms of low testosterone, such as:

  • Sexual health issues.
  • Weight gain.
  • Loss of lean muscle.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Increased anxiety and depression.
  • Decreased bone loss.
  • Joint pain

However, men in and around West Palm Beach can have all of these symptoms, and they are more alleviated when HGH injections are prescribed as part of their hormone therapy program for men.

Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

HGH injections are given to treat men suffering from age-related HGH decline. HGH is only available with a doctor’s prescription and is only given via injection.

Any product claiming to be HGH or containing HGH that you can purchase online or anywhere without a prescription or available in pill, powder, or any other form is not genuine HGH. Such products should be avoided.

On the other hand, many clinical studies have proven genuine HGH injections to provide vast improvements for men suffering from age-related growth hormone deficiency.

For example, a 2009 study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that prolonged use of growth hormone therapy significantly increased muscle strength and energy in HGH-deficient adults.

Concluding, “Ten years of HGH replacement therapy increased muscle strength and energy during the first half of the study and thereafter partly protected against the normal age-related decline in muscle strength and neuromuscular function, resulting in approximately normalized muscle strength after ten years.”

Are Testosterone and HGH Ever Given Together?

As you can see from the above sections, many of the symptoms of low testosterone and age-related GHD in men overlap. So, it should be no surprise that if you are low in one of these critical hormones, you are probably below normal in both.

It should, therefore, also come as no surprise that these two hormone replacement therapies are often given together. In fact, we have found this “two-pronged approach” to hormone replacement therapy for men to be quite effective for our West Palm Beach patients.

Testosterone and HGH are what is known as “synergistic,” which means that the benefits of one enhance the other. Several studies have found that when given together, patients see greater improvements in strength, vitality, and sexual performance than when either hormone therapy is given alone.

Hormone Therapy: How Our Doctors in West Palm Beach Treat Male Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Therapy West Palm Beach FLMen in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas all deserve to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle at any age! But unfortunately, as men age, their critical hormones like testosterone levels drop, which can negatively impact their ability to enjoy life.

Testosterone replacement therapy for men is the key to treating men in West Palm Beach for the symptoms of low testosterone and helping such men return what time and nature take away. West Palm Beach-based Hormone Logics has been successfully treating patients with age-related hormone loss with our unique hormone therapy for many years.

Medical research has shown that testosterone and/or HGH replacement therapy are extremely effective ways to treat age-related hormone decline. Hormone Logics‘ Hormone Therapy treatments for men living in and around West Palm Beach have been proven to offer individuals between the ages of 35 and 65 a greatly improved quality of life.

At Hormone Logics, our Hormone Replacement Therapy programs for men in and around West Palm Beach include the following:

Our medical director is Mazyar Rouhani, MD. Dr. Rouhani has long been a medical innovator. He co-founded Symptify, an online symptom checker to better educate patients about their conditions. Dr. Rouhani has recently focused on improving patients’ health using IV fluid hydration, hormone replacement therapies, and other antiaging protocols.

Using his medical expertise with his passion for optimizing each individual’s health and vitality, Dr. Rouhani combines his knowledge and expertise to provide an approach to antiaging medicine that has brought hundreds of our West Palm Beach patients life-changing results.

But don’t just take our word for it; click here to read real reviews from our actual hormone replacement therapy patients.

If you want to learn a little bit more about the many benefits of testosterone therapy for men in West Palm Beach, please click the link to contact us for more information or call (800) 754-1481.

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