Male Hormone Deficiency Education

Men suffer needlessly from testosterone deficiency either because hormone deficiency goes unrecognized or the male does not talk about it, especially as it relates to any perceived decline in sexual function. Decreased enjoyment of life, decline in competitive drive or decreased enthusiasm, are all symptoms of hormone imbalance in men. The image below shows the difference male hormones can make within the male body.

Benefits of Supplemental Testosterone:

Renewed Interest in Sex

Testosterone is the hormone that increases sex drive and libido. Increased sex drive through proper hormonal balance usually results in more frequent initiating of sex, prolonged sexual enjoyment and overall greater sexual experience.

Increased Lean Muscle

Hormone replacement therapy increases lean muscle mass and body weight (due to increased muscle mass) for men.

Protection for The Heart

The severity of coronary artery disease and low testosterone levels conclude that low levels may be a risk factor.

Testosterone hormone deficiency in man can cause many symptoms that can go unrecognized. The professional staff at Hormone Logics helps restore the male body’s normal balance of hormones which will make you feel like a stronger, more energized, healthier and happier man again.

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