Nick Marill

Lifestyle Educator

Born and raised in South Florida, Nick has been an athlete for as long as he can remember. Nick grew up loving all things sports, playing everything from hockey to basketball, lacrosse to track, his biggest passion being football. Following his high school career, his passion for football earned him a full-ride scholarship to play college football. After playing for three years and receiving high honors on the field, Nick had a devastating injury that should have ended his football career, but because of his determination and drive, he came back after only eight months and went on to have his best season stats yet. His accomplishments were not only on the field, as Nick graduated with a dual Bachelors in Sports Management and Business Management.

After college, Nick had the honor to be invited to the football combine and was chosen to play ball for the Canadian Football League. After much consideration, he decided to decline the offer to go to Canada and instead follow his other passion in the healthcare field. Nick completed his EMT and Firefighters certifications and then made his decision to come to work with Hormone Logics, where he can use his years of knowledge in athletic training and his medical education to work alongside some of the best in the anti-aging and hormone industry.

Although no longer playing football, Nick continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle with daily training and a nutrition regimen which allows him to help his patients with their total health. Nick’s passion, high energy, and most importantly, his patient and honest approach, have made him well-liked and appreciated by everyone he has worked with.

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