Joanna Dara

Licensed In-House Nutritionist and Female Lifestyle Educator

Joanna is a Florida native who, before becoming a Nutritionist and Fitness professional earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Public Relations, where she began a career as an advertising executive for a large company in South Florida at the age of 22. Being the single mom of an active son, she knew that teaching him a healthy lifestyle would need to be done through actions, not words. Having a lifelong interest in nutrition and wellness already, she went back to continue her education at FAU and received her Masters in Health and Nutrition, all while she began transforming her personal physique to go on to compete in the NPC (National Physique Committee) in the Bikini Division.

Hormone Logics knew that expanding the in-house services to include nutrition and help to focus on women’s hormone health was something most wellness centers did not offer. So, in 2012, Joanna started her new career with Hormone Logics. Joanna has since gone on to receive multiple certifications and online specialty degrees in Fitness Nutrition, Weight Management, and Female Hormone Health with ISSA. In early 2018 Joanna was tackling her own health battle that luckily her knowledge of hormones helped her uncover. She was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer in September of 2018. If you ask her now about how she handled the diagnosis and going through the treatment, she will tell you that she is so grateful that she has this platform in both the hormone and fitness world, to help
reach women (and men) in uncovering what the cause is, rather than just treating the symptoms like most do.

Joanna’s greatest passion in life outside of being a mom is assisting others in feeling healthier and embracing the many wonderful benefits of mental and physical wellbeing. She realizes everyone has different needs and incorporates the Individuals “lifestyle” into their programs. Joanna’s Mottos are, “This is not a DIET, It is a Lifestyle” and “Trust Your Gut”.

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