Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits should I expect from being on a Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone therapy has an extensive variety of advantages relying upon every individual patient. A large number of our patients encounter better charisma, vitality, fat misfortune, expanded quality and bulk, enhanced rest, upgraded recuperation and star grouping of other mental and physical advantages.

What is hormone replacement?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is preventive medicine that is given to both men and women whose essential hormone levels drop, due to aging.

Why can’t I get testosterone from my primary physician?

Most doctors are not up to speed on testosterone replacement therapy and proper techniques for maximum results. Our doctors are specialists with vast experience in hormone optimization and can set up efficient, safe and affordable therapies that deliver real results.

Does hormone replacement help me lose weight?

You got it! Hormone optimization helps with weight loss. If you haven’t changed your eating patterns or lifestyle and you are gaining weight, it is likely due to hormone depletion AKA aging.

Do I really need to see a doctor or can I just order Hormone Replacement Therapy online?

Federal and State laws require a face to face exam with the prescribing physician. Ordering Hormone Replacement Therapy online can be illegal and dangerous because quality control of medications can be compromised.

Do you have therapies that reduce body fat?

Yes we certainly do. Our doctors have a vast array of medications as well as nutritional and exercise regimens that are highly effective in reducing body fat percentage.

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