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Take control of your life by changing your habits and getting testosterone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy West Palm Beach FLAs men get older, their testosterone levels decline. Testosterone is not just for sexual health; it also has important functions in the body, such as muscle growth, fat distribution and storage, and metabolism.

Although getting older does not necessarily mean you’ll have a slew of medical conditions or poor quality of life, you should understand what’s normal and what’s not as you get older.

Testosterone replacement therapy has been widely used to increase testosterone levels in men. Our doctors from our West Palm Beach clinic also have other recommendations to increase testosterone in men so they can stay youthful and energetic!

With testosterone replacement therapy in West Palm Beach, you can feel more energetic, gain muscle, increase bone density, prevent memory loss, and prolong your life.

What happens if I have low testosterone levels?

It’s essential for men to take care of themselves. One way of doing so is maintaining healthy testosterone levels in the body.

Testosterone plays a significant role in male reproductive tissues and organs and promotes secondary male sexual characteristics. It’s also responsible for other normal body functions, such as muscle growth, bone mass, and fat distribution.

There is evidence that low serum testosterone levels are associated with endothelial dysfunction, insulin resistance, and cognitive dysfunction, which are independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and dementia.

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Basically, having low serum testosterone levels are associated with an increased risk of mortality. Therefore, men need to prevent a decline in serum testosterone levels.

Lifestyle changes to increase testosterone levels

You’re never too old to adopt new healthful habits. Here are ways to increase testosterone levels in men.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.

    There is evidence that testosterone promotes muscle growth while simultaneously suppressing fat gain. Studies have shown that obese men have lower testosterone levels than lean men.

    Testosterone levels are also reduced in men with a BMI of 35-40 kg/m2, and free testosterone levels are reduced by more than 50% compared to lean men. In short, obesity leads to lower testosterone, and low testosterone also promotes obesity.

    Low testosterone levels can lead to increased fat storage and weight gain. This increases metabolic complications, such as increased cholesterol levels and insulin resistance.

    The best ways to maintain a healthy weight are to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. Augmenting testosterone therapy with healthy diets and exercise-induced weight loss is effective.

  2. Exercise regularly.

    Increased physical activity levels with habitual aerobic exercise and/or calorie restriction by dietary modifications are effective for weight loss, especially exercise training and calorie restriction.

    It’s evident that exercise, particularly weight lifting, boosts testosterone and human growth hormone levels in the body. Even lifting weights as often as twice a week for 30 or 40 minutes can make a significant difference and boost your metabolism for one to two days after that.

  3. Eat a healthy diet.

    It’s time to evaluate your food choices, starting with your fridge and pantry. Some foods reduce testosterone levels and promote estrogen-like hormones in the body either directly or through testosterone conversion.

    Too much high-fat, processed, and high-sugar food can cause belly fat. This belly fat excretes an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. The more estrogen circulating in the body, the lower testosterone levels become.

    Try to eat a healthy diet full of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. Visit the farmers’ markets here in West Palm Beach to ensure you’re getting the freshest produce. Avoiding processed food, food with a lot of excess sugar, and high-fat foods also ties into weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

  4. Get enough sleep.

    It has been proven that sleep deprivation can have a significant effect on testosterone production in men. Researchers have found that men who sleep less than five hours a night have significantly lower testosterone levels than those who sleep a whole night.

    Thus, this supports the idea that sleep duration is important for maintaining testosterone levels in men. Getting 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep at night is recommended.

    Testosterone and cortisol peak around 4:00 a.m., so it’s tied to your body’s circadian rhythm. Testosterone levels vary minute by minute and hour by hour. It’s also essential to go through the different sleep cycles and enter REM sleep so that you can harness the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

    Make sure you practice good sleep hygiene. Having a consistent bedtime schedule will help. Ensure your bedroom is quiet, dark, and relaxing, and the temperature is comfortable. Remove electronics, like TVs, computers, and smartphones, to avoid distractions.

Each year, total testosterone levels fall by 1.6%, while free and bioavailable testosterone levels fall by 2%–3%. Testosterone replacement therapy can help increase testosterone levels to improve overall health.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in West Palm Beach

Testosterone Replacement Therapy West Palm Beach FLHormone Logics at West Palm Beach is your place to discover ageless health. We offer testosterone replacement therapy to help men combat signs and symptoms of age-related hormone decline.

Hormone Logics is a premier medical wellness center in West Palm Beach, FL, specializing in a wide range of services, such as nutraceuticals, bioidentical hormone therapy, testosterone therapy, and customized diet and exercise programs. We are dedicated to helping you begin an excellent new phase of your life.

See what testosterone therapy for men can do for you! Call Hormone Logics at (561) 640-3333 for a consultation so we can help improve your life!

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