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Aging is difficult enough for women without having to suffer from declining hormone levels. Women often complain of a diminished sense of well-being, chronic fatigue, and a loss of libido just to mention a few hormone imbalance symptoms. This is not necessary!

Once women realize they can restore their natural hormones (their bodies once made abundantly) with bio identical hormones, they can restore their energy, feelings of well-being, and sexuality.

Too many women have given up trying to find the right combination of estrogen and testosterone hormones. Once this hormonal balance is determined, combining hormone replacement with a healthy lifestyle and appropriate diet, will allow females to return to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle as well as maximize the years in which to enjoy it.

Women’s Hormone Deficiencies

For many women there is a tremendous void in treatment of menopause symptoms. Hot flashes and mood swings are just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the earlier signs and symptoms of estrogen deficiency are frequent waking at night. These sleep disturbances are one of the earliest symptoms of beginning hormonal deficiency. Many others are present, including such things as mental fogginess. A woman’s short-term retention may be dwindling and her concentration and focus isn’t as good as it used to be. Frequently, women may experience some loss of energy to the point that they actually slide into symptoms of chronic fatigue.

In addition, women may experience some mood swings and irritability, and at the extreme may actually develop feelings of depression. With the loss of energy and chronic fatigue, we also find ourselves unable to exercise as much as we have in the past, or to recover as quickly when we do exercise. We find ourselves sliding into increasing weight gain in spite of attempts at exercising. One that is not so frequently discussed is the loss of sexual drive. Not only is our energy level and sense of wellbeing diminishing, but anticipation and enjoyment of sexual activity is waning as well.

Unfortunately, so many times these symptoms are simply attributed to normal aging. From many physicians, it is assumed when we eradicate hot flashes and night sweats, we have alleviated the menopausal syndrome. All of these symptoms are frequently attributed to the normal aging process. While we cannot reverse the aging process, we can certainly optimize it by restoring the normal balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the menopausal woman.

  • Extensive research has shown hormone replacement therapy may have additional benefits for women after menopause.
  • Memory loss and mental function. Studies have shown estrogen can protect against some memory loss and improve learning, even in some Alzheimer’s disease patients.
  • Colo-rectal cancer. Various studies have pointed to a decreased risk in colorectal cancer in women who take HRT.
  • Diabetes. HRT may help women with diabetes control their blood sugar levels better after menopause.
  • Incontinence. A decline in estrogen levels may contribute to incontinence. HRT can help restore the lining of the urethra help support the bladder.
  • Migraine. Many postmenopausal women report a decreased incidence of migraines after take HRT. However, women who had experienced migraines related to their menstrual period may report flare-ups of the headaches.
  • Urinary tract infections. Some women experience an increase in urinary tract infections during menopause. Researchers believe that the use of estrogen may help the body resist infection.
  • Teeth. Women who take estrogen are less likely to lose their teeth, because the same properties that help prevent bone loss apply to preventing bone loss in the mouth.
  • Vision. Evidence exists that HRT may help prevent glaucoma and macular degeneration, two common causes of blindness.

Hormone Replacement For Women

Hormone Therapies for women have been in general practice for many years, especially for birth control. However, treatment of age-related conditions were only given to Menopausal and Post-Menopausal women, ignoring the fact that treatment of a hormone imbalance before more serious problems arise is often the best course of action. Until recently, women were forced to take “one size fits all” medications that were not biologically identical to the hormones they were missing, often resulting in troublesome and sometimes dangerous side-effects.

Hormone Logics believes the best time to treat a condition is before it develops into a more serious problem. With the advent of Bio identical Hormone Replacement, he believes that the time to act is when hormones fall below acceptable levels. By maintaining proper hormone levels most adverse symptoms can be minimized or avoided completely. After Menopause, Bio identical Hormone Replacement provides the most exact and consistent maintenance of natural hormone levels available.

The Benefits of Bio identical Hormone Replacement as You Age:

  1. Improved Energy Levels
  2. Increased Cognitive Function
  3. Enhanced Muscle Tone
  4. Restored Libido
  5. Decreased Body Fat
  6. Improved Blood Flow
  7. Diminished Mood Swings
  8. Restored Sense of Well-Being
  9. Enhanced Quality of Life


Menopause refers to the time in a woman’s life when the menstrual cycle ends naturally. This results in the decline in ovarian hormone production, primarily Estrogen and Progesterone along with Testosterone. Lower levels of these hormones have no medical or physiologic advantage. However, this hormone decline is associated with a whole host of physiologic and quality of life issues including:

  1. Hot Flashes
  2. Depression, Moodiness
  3. Osteoporosis
  4. Vaginal Dryness
  5. Decreased Libido
  6. Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  7. Cognitive Decline
  8. Poor Skin Quality
  9. Sleep Disturbances

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